2015. február 16., hétfő

I really need some tops! Now!

I've cleaned my closet and see the gaps...
yoga wear

Maybe the project of the Wardrobe Architect 2015 is more planned than me, but now I really need to get some tops, because I have only 2 which is apropriate to the weather and I'm satisfied with... (ok, I wear not just that 2.... it would be a little bit... so...)

My plans:
I've made one when it was released and loved it... I wear it a lot when I was pregnant. It was not even hemmed and made from a quite crazy jersey. But the pattern is just my style.
Last time I was fabric shopping I've bought 2 jerseys especially for this pattern. They are in the washing machine right now.

There is a fabric in my stash makes me thinking about sleevless tops. It's quite strange sheer woven thing with one side white, other beige. This pattern could show each side...

1 shirt
Found a sweet fabric (white with little black dots), just searching for the right pattern. Maybe this... or this. Something easy...

And a cardigan with the Oslo pattern. When I saw it, I fell in love, but missed the first issue and was total depressed... The day when it became available to purchase, bought it... 

So this is my first sewing plan...

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